Archanes-Asterousia, Heraklion

Date 2015
Status In progress
Building size 1.130 sq.m
The picturesque settlement of  Vathipetro is located 4km south of the town of Archanes. this at  the municipality Archanes -Asteroussia. In the Southeast side of the settlement, on the southern slopes of Youchtas, lies an important archaeological site, with important finds such as: the oldest winery and mill revealed by the late archaeologist Spyros Marinatos. The area of ​​Vathipetro is known as well for its incredible nature .This design concerns the public area from ​​the entrance to the exit of the settlement , a total area of ​​1130.00 sq.m.The main concept of the Architectural study was to maintain the existing confines of the shared space, configured with the passage of time, the natural landscape and the village style. The use of local materials like limestone etc. (local sandstone and quartzite) and the use of forged cement, wood and  metal in colors and textures such as to fit perfectly with the existing structures, were essential for achieving  that  goal.The aim of the Architectural study was the aesthetical and functional upgrade of the area, within an  ecological approach.
This was achieved by:
- Conceiving a universal design approach for the whole area of the settlement, in order for it to have a strong and distinct identity.
- Creating new functional areas for walking and resting, for the visitors and the residents of the settlement.
- Use of natural local recyclables and no  interventions that would destroy the trees of the area