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Directors / Partners

  • Nikos Gryllos
    Partner / Managing Director
    Nikos Gryllos
    MA in Marketing and Communication Management National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
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    close cv - Nikos Gryllos
  • Aria Lironi
    Partner / Design Director
    Aria Lironi
    Architect BA(Hons), Dip.Arch University of Westminster UK.
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    close cv - Aria Lironi
  • Charis Markodimitrakis
    Partner / Design Director
    Charis Markodimitrakis
    Architect (Dip.Arch.) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
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    close cv - Charis Markodimitrakis
  • George Delis
    Civil Engineer
    George Delis
  • Haroula Nikoloudi
    Interior Designer
    Haroula Nikoloudi
  • Katerina Zouridaki
    Katerina Zouridaki
  • Eleni Papadaki
    Interior Designer
    Eleni Papadaki
  • Pantelis Mochianakis
    Civil Engineer
    Pantelis Mochianakis
  • Eva Ntoulaki
    Industrial Designer
    Eva Ntoulaki
  • Liana Logotheti
    Civil Engineer
    Liana Logotheti
  • Christos Zaharioudakis
    Spatial Planner & Urban Engineer
    Christos Zaharioudakis
  • Dimitirs Giakoumis
    Site Manager
    Dimitirs Giakoumis
  • Manos Tsikaloudakis
    Civil Engineer
    Manos Tsikaloudakis
  • Zacharenia Vidaki
    Zacharenia Vidaki
  • Konstantina Bouboulaki
    Konstantina Bouboulaki
  • Jasmine Cephas
    Interior Designer
    Jasmine Cephas
  • Katerina Zaimaki
    Interior Designer
    Katerina Zaimaki
  • Marilena Tavantzopoulou
    Architectural Design Assistant
    Marilena Tavantzopoulou
  • Evi Kalogridi
    Evi Kalogridi
  • Antonis Avramidis
    Civil Engineer
    Antonis Avramidis