Future Library Competition

9 locations in Greece

Date 2013
Status Proposal
"Future Library" , a non-profit organization that belongs to "Stavros Niarchos Foundation", invited cube concept architectural office to a closed competition, for the design of a formula, in order to renovate 9 different library spaces in Greece. The general idea behind our design concept, was to create a relaxed and cozy environment where people can "unfold" their knowledge, skills and socialize with each other. We did some research on different styles of learning, and we found out that there are many ways on acquiring knowledge, depending on the user's preference. There are the traditional learners, that acquire knowledge by reading; there are the visual learners, that mainly need information to be represented spatially and with images; there are the auditory learners, who absorb information best through the sense of hearing (that could be through a discussion or a lecture) and finally there are the kinesthetic learners that absorb information best by doing, experiencing, touching, moving or being active in some way.
Having the different styles of learning in mind, we tried to incorporate all of the above, by conceptually dividing the space according to the different styles of learning. Although conceptually the zones are clearly defined, in practice the space remains open and flexible, where users can stroll from one zone to another freely and use the space according to their needs. If , for example, a person wants to use the skype pocket just to sit in to read a book, he/she is free to do so. There are a number of other examples, like using the audiovisual cave for a group of people to have a meeting, or use the i-pads to serf on the internet and so on. The aim was to create a relaxed environment that people can express themselves the way they feel like. As you have also stated in one of your comments, we just identify  the drivers behind the space and created areas which can foster Users interpretations.  The 21st century library is a place for knowledge creation. It is where we explore, connect to others, participate in communities, and create. It is both a portal to vast networks of information and an open forum for social interaction. It is quiet and personal, yet lively and public.