"Cicada" Seascape Experience

Beach Bar in Heraklion

Date 2021
Status Completed
Building size 6000 sq.m
Photos by Dimitris & Christos Manioros 

Unpretentious Relaxation
Cicada  Seascape Experience was originally born as an idea, in order to create a new experience in the area where it is located. Karteros beach in Heraklion, is so close to the city, which makes it one of the liveliest beaches in the area during the day, but without significant options for the night.
The need to create a remarkable space with options that would meet the needs of residents of the city of Heraklion and its visitors, made the uses of space clearer. Three different zones were created: Restaurant, lounge area and beach Bar, but all of them are a single ensemble with continuous flow. The visitor has the option to move freely between these spaces and to alternate according to time and mood.
It was this relax mood that defined the architectural style of the project from the beginning, and we tried to render it with tangible, simple and unpretentious materials, such as clean concrete on the floor, plaster in earth tones, wood and reed on the pergolas. Seven pebble-shaped concrete islands were created in the lounge area in a sandy beach area. In the intermediate area, that connects the entrance with the restaurant, pressed ceramic soil has been placed. All these materials in combination with the furniture made of natural wood and the lamps made of mats, created a set that exudes the relaxation and laziness of Cicada.
Planting also played a decisive role in the final configuration of the Project, which we essentially used as an Architectural Element in the space, sometimes creating 'small jungle' clusters, sometimes linear elements and sometimes placing individual trees to create natural shade, but also the use tensile sails for shading specific areas. In the area of ​​pebble islands, the tensile construction above each pebble, essentially defines its area, making it independent and somewhat more private.