Bobiropouli Kindergarten

Heraklion, Crete - Greece

Date 2012
Status Completed
Building size 170 sq.m
Photos by: Pantelis Mathioudakis

The initial idea for the design of the kindergarten, was to create a space for kids that will inspire their imagination and creativity. The aim was to create  hidden corners that are waiting to be discovered by the kids and incorporate them into their game.  The whole space was designed as part of a game, a game itself. Strong colors were used to enhance this idea and flowing shapes were used to create separations and space utilities. The main entry from the street, is located on the narrow side of the linear plan and therefore the ground floor was divided into four sections each serving a different utility. On the first section as you enter the kindergarten, we designed a reception with a huge couch that dominates in the space and an information desk with all the storage that it needs behind it. The couch was designed on two levels so that both the parent and the kids can use it.
The second section works as a space in between the world of adults and the kids world. A vertical structure encloses this space in both ends,  and works like a gate. We used a very strong red to indicate the separation from all the other utilities. In here older kids can draw, make jigsaws and play board games.Pass this one, you enter into the themed game area, where the kids can play imagination games using the built in structures, like the miniature kitchen, the grocery shop, the doll house, the bank, the carpenter's work space and the Indian tent. There is enough free  space in front of these structures for the kids to play or sit, depending on the activity. The fourth section, that is located on the back of the space, the area is dedicated on the intense activities. The floor is covered with a 40 mm thick mattress  and this is where the kids can jump, fall and go crazy. The walls around that area are formed in such a way in order to create nests from 50cm to 30cm deep where the kids can sit or lie.The first floor of the kindergarten covers half the area of the ground and has been designed to accommodate all the hygiene facilities (kids toilets, a small kitchen and adult toilets) as well as a more isolated room where the kids can develop activities like theatrical and musical games, or in order to separate the kids according to age when the kindergarten is full.